Med-EcoSuRe presents UNIVERSustainabilITY: a digital-green transition of places of knowledge during EnergyMed forum in Italy

The energy renovation measure packages and approaches proposed by Med-EcoSuRe project were showcased during the Conference “Exhibition on Energy Transition and Circular Economy – EnergyMed, organized in Naples by ANEA, partner of Med-EcoSuRe project on the 24-26th March 2022.

During the three days, in a dedicated info point (booth), general and specific information on the project was provided by ANEA, University of Campania “L.Vanvitelli and University of Naples “Federico II” staff, including printed and digital material (flyers, Rollups, posters, video on the mid-term results of the project…)

In addition, on the 25th of March, was held the conference “UNIVERSustainabilITY: the digital-green transition of the places of knowledge”, organized by ANEA, University of Florence, University of Campania “L.Vanvitelli” and University of Naples “Federico II”. The conference presented the results of the project and highlighted the national network of Living Labs (BeXLab – Building Environmental Experience) which intends to systematize interdisciplinary skills to enhance the environmental experience in the processes of transformation and revitalization of places of knowledge.

BEEP project was also invited to the conference to share the process adopted to renovate the pilot hostorical buildings of the project including: preliminary analysis, hitorical and architectural analysis, energy and enviromental analysis…  

The conference was attended (physically and online) by students, university professors, representatives of Technical Offices of Public Bodies, Energy Managers of Universities, professionals in the sector (engineers, architects) and companies; with the aim to involve a series of actors for the creation of a technical community and scientific researchers that proactively and collaboratively intervene in the participatory energy-environmental retrofit process in order to achieve a high level of perceived, simulated and measured quality of university buildings.

Watch the full conference HERE

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