Med-EcoSuRe shares the energy renovation process and action plans for the Higher Education Building Sector

The Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC) and the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT), Coordinator and partner of Med-EcoSuRe respectively, organized a workshop at ENIT on the 09th of May 2023. The main objective of the workshop was to bring together representatives from higher education institutions, researchers and students mainly, to showcase the energy retrofit process of university buildings proposed by the project in the Mediterranean context.

In a first part (conference), the workshop focused on the innovative building energy renovation actions proposed and implemented including: energy audits, ≈400 kW installed rooftop Photovoltaic capacity, a Toolbox for the design and planning of the retrofit process, , Guidelines for energy efficiency practices in buildings, Training and capacity building programs for the benefit of mainly university energy managers, students and researchers, an online platform for knowledge sharing, Energy Efficiency Action Plans, to set out estimated energy consumption, planned Energy Efficiency measures, and the improvements that the higher education sector expects to achieve at national scales, research valorization…

Green Building project, funded within the ENI CBC MED project, was invited also to share how it is possible to minimize energy consumption for Green Buildings respecting present uses and public needs.

Following the conference, a site visit was organized to explore the energy renovation pilot actions at ENIT. The participants accompanied by ENIT professors, started with SMARTNESS micro-Grid platform for energy generation and trading, and which is installed at the laboratory QehNa (Electrical engineering Department). The group also had the chance to witness the rooftop insulation work accomplished in the administration building. Finally, ENIT team unveiled the refurbished energy laboratory (Industrial Engineering Department) with a new electrical installation and an upgraded building envelope (plastering, coatings…).

Watch the Video coverage of the workshop HERE

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