Training on Reference Projects Outcomes

SEACAP4SDG project will capitalize on the outputs and outcomes of a number of selected reference projects (SRP) financed within different EU Initiatives (ENI CBCMED, INTERREG MED, UfM), while identifying characteristics to be generalized, and by adapting gained knowledge to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of building energy refurbishment strategies adapted to local Med specificities, notably energy poverty.

In this framework, nine cities/municipalities and four public buildings within them will receive the necessary support and accompaniment to plan and implement efficiently energy renovation actions using the solutions capitalized on by the Project.

The capacity building and training mechanism will be implemented by adopting a collaborative approach between the key players involved, within a “Living Laboratory”. This approach will support the municipalities in adopting the results of the project.

 In order to provide the necessary support and accompaniment to the cities/municipalities, beneficiaries of the project, local external experts from the partners’ countries are contracted. Among other activities, the local experts will support the cities/municipalities in identifying the most appropriate tools, among the SRP outcomes, to be tested and implemented.

A training program is foreseen, for the benefit of the local external experts, on the use and exploitation of the available solutions and results for the planning and implementation of the renovation process in buildings (e.g. best practices, tools, methodologies) developed by the SRPs.

The training is conducted by the reference projects partners who were in charge of developing the selected outcomes.

Training Material