Med-EcoSuRe signs a charter to sustain the building energy renovation process activities beyond the project duration

University of Florence (DIDA Department of Architecture), partner of Med-EcoSuRe project, hosted the 6th edition of the Mediterranean Green Forum which was held from 20 to 22 July 2022 in the UNESCO city-centre of Florence (Italy).

The forum highlighted the role of sustainable development applications in the building sector as foundation of a truly positive energy future, with a focus on the Mediterranean region, and based on Euro-Mediterranean initiatives such as Med-EcoSuRe and BEEP projects.

During the forum were presented the design and optimization of the building renovation process in all partners countries with a focus on Italy in the framework of the Living Lab established for co-creation and co-innovation 

The final design of the solutions adopted for the Santa Verdiana pilot in Italy were shared, which is based on “Building Information Modeling”, including:

  • Tridimensional structure with a metallic frame and PV Solar shadings  which is reversible, self-standing and modular.

  • Skylight system to reduce the needs for artificial lighting and increase the integration rate of RE technologies.

  • LED lighting

  • Monitoring system

At the end of the forum, a charter for the Mediterranean Cross-border Living Lab (MCbLL) was signed by the partners who participated in the forum with the aim to exploit and capitalize on the Living Lab results beyond the project lifetime. The document contains the core information on the governance and management of the MCbLL and is organized in consequential points describing the overall framework, structure, and management of the Lab. This signed document will give a formal status to the LL which will allow a better exploitation of its results.