Med-EcoSuRe & PPI4MED team up for technological development and innovation in Tunisia

collaboration agreement was signed on July 9, 2022 between the Mediterranean Renewable Energies Centre (MEDREC) and the National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR), coordinator and partner of Med-EcoSuRe and PPI4MED projects respectively.

The event saw the participation of Mr. Fethi BEN Mimoun, General Director of Cross-border cooperation in Tunisia, Mr Zied Kbaier, Innovation and technology transfer expert  from the Joint Technical Secretariat of ENI CBC Med programme, and key national actors working towards Sustainable Development in Tunisia.

This agreement defines the axes and types of synergies between both cooperation projects which will enable to evaluate and communicate the longer term impacts of scientific research.

The main synergy actions foreseen are:

  • Sharing the Charter of the Living Laboratory (LL) of MedEcoSuRe (methodology of creation and sustainability of LL) and involvement of the LL community on Innovation procurement

  • Co-organization of a training program on Public Innovation Markets for energy management in the public sector. The potential beneficiaries are building managers of the Ministry of Higher education, The National Agency of Energy Management (ANME), the electricity and gas company (STEG) …

  • Data Pooling and sharing of knowledge on innovative solutions for energy management for better dissemination of the achievements and results of the two projects