SMARTNESS MicroGrid platform - satellites monitoring

Among the demonstration actions implemented within Med-EcoSuRe, is a Micro-Grid platform equipped with an energy management system and powered by Photvoltaic solar panels “SMARTNESS” (Smart Micro-grid PlAtfoRm with aN Energy management SyStem) is installed at the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT – QehnA laboratory), Tunisia.

Through the implementation of SMARTNESS, Med-EcoSuRe team intend to demonstrate innovative technologies and concepts (energy management systems, blockchain, Virtual Power Plants (VPP), and Energy trading) , in line with research carried out in ENIT laboratories while developing new research activities in the framework of master and PhD projects

The pilot micro-grid is a platform that serves for Education, Research and Training through:

  • Preparing future engineers for professional practices through practical workshops;

  • Developing research activities that can be validated experimentally, within the framework of master and doctoral theses projects;

  • Designing and conducting a training and capacity building programme, for socio-economic operators, to be able to face technological challenges in a rapidly evolving field.

Components of the Platform

  • One (01) central energy generation system

  • Four (04) so-called satellite systems serving different building configurations

  • A (01) communication system between the different elements based on the control of the frequency and the voltage of the micro-network.

  • One (01) platform monitoring and control system via Web Monitoring which allows real-time monitoring as well as configuration of each element (central system and satellites)