This Mediterranean cross-border Living Lab (LL) is coming up with the notion of working with stakeholders to produce research towards innovative solutions. Its key concept and first goal is to turn university managers in building management offices, from being traditionally considered as merely “passive technical or administrative” subjects to whom new approaches and solutions are simply proposed, into active players contributing to the co-creation and experimentation of emerging ideas, breakthrough scenarios and innovative concepts.

 The innovation process is maintained by 5 main stakeholders: Academic staff and students, university/building managers, university decision makers, national and regional management authorities, socio-economic operators. These stakeholders can benefit from the LL approach in different ways: researchers can deepen their theoretical investigation and get study cases, building managers can get the solutions that fits to their specific needs, companies can get and experiment new and innovative ideas, public organisations can get increased concern of issues co-identified with researchers, and students can implement their awareness in the field of EE and the rule of smart human behavior.

This initiative will be established around a core of the 4 universities. Once setting in place the LL structure, the LL will involve the user community (building managers), the business community, and the public organizations (including the project partners and relevant actors to be identified during the LL establishment).